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Cloud Run is the latest evolution of Google Cloud Serverless, building on the experience of running App Engine for more than a decade. Cloud Run runs on much of the same infrastructure as App Engine standard environment, so there are many similarities between these two platforms.

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note: There is a lot of quoting and paraphrasing on this page in particular. Be sure to check the links you want to learn more.



  1. In the Cloud Console, on the project selector page, select or create a Cloud project. GCloud Platform Project Selector

  2. Make sure that billing is enabled for your Google Cloud project.

  3. Enable the Cloud Functions API .


Google Cloud Functions

Google Documentation on:

I set these up a little while ago for testing:

403 Forbidden

Error: Forbidden

Your client does not have permission to get URL /testFunction from this server.


Cloud Datastore is a schemaless database.

var companies = query.filter('name =', 'Google').filter('size <', 400);

-------------| FREE daily limit | PRICE above free limit | Price Unit

Stored data | 1 GB storage | $0.18 | GB/Month

Entity Reads | 50,000 | $0.06 | per 100,000 entities

Entity Writes | 20,000 | $0.18 | per 100,000 entities

Entity Deletes | 20,000 | $0.02 | per 100,000 entities

Big Table

Cloud Bigtable offers consistent sub-10ms latency.

Feature | Price

Nodes | $0.65 node/hr

SSD Storage | $0.17 (GB/Month)

HDD Storage | $0.026 (GB/Month)