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You don't need an API to pull remote data!

You can publish you data in a Google Sheets and pull it via url in your code.

Likewise, github hosted files are accessible in a similar manner.

0CDTotal PopulationTpop
1CDTotal Male PopulationMale
2CDTotal Female PopulationFemale
3CDPercent of Residents - Black/African-American ...Paa
4CDPercent of Residents - White/Caucasian (Non-Hi...Pwhite
11020024510010200Patterson Park North & East
41050024510010500Fells Point


Simple JSON

Note how raw text can be loaded

And the JSON structure may vary.

Here the Json txt takes the form of an array of objects, commonly refered to as an 'object array'.

Notice the difference?


Json by URL (First API Example)

Heres a Really Simple Example API


This is the census' ones

You can get a full list of tableId's from downloads here.

or explore the available ones by not submitting a tableID in the query

0{'name': 'B17015', 'description': 'POVERTY STA...
1{'name': 'B18104', 'description': 'SEX BY AGE ...
2{'name': 'B17016', 'description': 'POVERTY STA...
3{'name': 'B18105', 'description': 'SEX BY AGE ...
4{'name': 'B17017', 'description': 'POVERTY STA...

Notice how the response varys when we actually give it a valule.

In this case we are given back meta data on table columns.

The response to any query is given in the acs documentation

B17015_001E{'label': 'Estimate!!Total:', 'concept': 'POVE...
B17015_001EA{'label': 'Annotation of Estimate!!Total:', 'c...
B17015_001M{'label': 'Margin of Error!!Total:', 'concept'...
B17015_001MA{'label': 'Annotation of Margin of Error!!Tota...
B17015_002E{'label': 'Estimate!!Total:!!Income in the pas...

Json by File

Sometimes Json doesn't come in the form you want.

In times like those, you can download the data directly to a file using the wget terminal command

This is the json - machine readable - file provided by the Census bureau.

It has the data we want stored as an attribute within a larger 'object'.

Here is one way to read in the json, access the attribute, and then load it up for use.

! wget https://api.census.gov/data.json
import json
 url = 'data.json'
 with open(url) as data_file:    
     data = json.load(data_file) 
 # print( json.dumps(data['dataset']) );
 metaDataTable = pd.DataFrame(data['dataset'])
! wget --output-document=todos.json https://jsonplaceholder.typicode.com/todos/2
--2021-06-29 18:16:56-- https://jsonplaceholder.typicode.com/todos Resolving jsonplaceholder.typicode.com (jsonplaceholder.typicode.com)...,, 2606:4700:3033::ac43:bdb3, ... Connecting to jsonplaceholder.typicode.com (jsonplaceholder.typicode.com)||:443... connected. HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK Length: unspecified [application/json] Saving to: ‘todos.json’ todos.json [<=> ] 0 --.-KB/s todos.json [ <=> ] 23.74K --.-KB/s in 0s 2021-06-29 18:16:56 (116 MB/s) - ‘todos.json’ saved [24311]

From there, you'd do whatever operations you need on it (either manuall or with code).

And then it can be loaded up as a dataset

import json
 with open('todos.json') as data_file:    
     json = json.load(data_file)
 print(f"This is what it looks like: {json}")
 df = pd.DataFrame(json)
This is what it looks like: [{'userId': 1, 'id': 1, 'title': 'delectus aut autem', 'completed': False}, {'userId': 1, 'id': 2, 'title': 'quis ut nam facilis et officia qui', 'completed': False}, {'userId': 1, 'id': 3, 'title': 'fugiat veniam minus', 'completed': False}, {'userId': 1, 'id': 4, 'title': 'et porro tempora', 'completed': True}, {'userId': 1, 'id': 5, 'title': 'laboriosam mollitia et enim quasi adipisci quia provident illum', 'completed': False}, {'userId': 1, 'id': 6, 'title': 'qui ullam ratione quibusdam voluptatem quia omnis', 'completed': False}, {'userId': 1, 'id': 7, 'title': 'illo expedita consequatur quia in', 'completed': False}, {'userId': 1, 'id': 8, 'title': 'quo adipisci enim quam ut ab', 'completed': True}, {'userId': 1, 'id': 9, 'title': 'molestiae perspiciatis ipsa', 'completed': False}, {'userId': 1, 'id': 10, 'title': 'illo est ratione doloremque quia maiores aut', 'completed': True}, {'userId': 1, 'id': 11, 'title': 'vero rerum temporibus dolor', 'completed': True}, {'userId': 1, 'id': 12, 'title': 'ipsa repellendus fugit nisi', 'completed': True}, {'userId': 1, 'id': 13, 'title': 'et doloremque nulla', 'completed': False}, {'userId': 1, 'id': 14, 'title': 'repellendus sunt dolores architecto voluptatum', 'completed': True}, {'userId': 1, 'id': 15, 'title': 'ab voluptatum amet voluptas', 'completed': True}, {'userId': 1, 'id': 16, 'title': 'accusamus eos facilis sint et aut voluptatem', 'completed': True}, {'userId': 1, 'id': 17, 'title': 'quo laboriosam deleniti aut qui', 'completed': True}, {'userId': 1, 'id': 18, 'title': 'dolorum est consequatur ea mollitia in culpa', 'completed': False}, {'userId': 1, 'id': 19, 'title': 'molestiae ipsa aut voluptatibus pariatur dolor nihil', 'completed': True}, {'userId': 1, 'id': 20, 'title': 'ullam nobis libero sapiente ad optio sint', 'completed': True}, {'userId': 2, 'id': 21, 'title': 'suscipit repellat esse quibusdam voluptatem incidunt', 'completed': False}, {'userId': 2, 'id': 22, 'title': 'distinctio vitae autem nihil ut molestias quo', 'completed': True}, {'userId': 2, 'id': 23, 'title': 'et itaque necessitatibus maxime molestiae qui quas velit', 'completed': False}, {'userId': 2, 'id': 24, 'title': 'adipisci non ad dicta qui amet quaerat doloribus ea', 'completed': False}, {'userId': 2, 'id': 25, 'title': 'voluptas quo tenetur perspiciatis explicabo natus', 'completed': True}, {'userId': 2, 'id': 26, 'title': 'aliquam aut quasi', 'completed': True}, {'userId': 2, 'id': 27, 'title': 'veritatis pariatur delectus', 'completed': True}, {'userId': 2, 'id': 28, 'title': 'nesciunt totam sit blanditiis sit', 'completed': False}, {'userId': 2, 'id': 29, 'title': 'laborum aut in quam', 'completed': False}, {'userId': 2, 'id': 30, 'title': 'nemo perspiciatis repellat ut dolor libero commodi blanditiis omnis', 'completed': True}, {'userId': 2, 'id': 31, 'title': 'repudiandae totam in est sint facere fuga', 'completed': False}, {'userId': 2, 'id': 32, 'title': 'earum doloribus ea doloremque quis', 'completed': False}, {'userId': 2, 'id': 33, 'title': 'sint sit aut vero', 'completed': False}, {'userId': 2, 'id': 34, 'title': 'porro aut necessitatibus eaque distinctio', 'completed': False}, {'userId': 2, 'id': 35, 'title': 'repellendus veritatis molestias dicta incidunt', 'completed': True}, {'userId': 2, 'id': 36, 'title': 'excepturi deleniti adipisci voluptatem et neque optio illum ad', 'completed': True}, {'userId': 2, 'id': 37, 'title': 'sunt cum tempora', 'completed': False}, {'userId': 2, 'id': 38, 'title': 'totam quia non', 'completed': False}, {'userId': 2, 'id': 39, 'title': 'doloremque quibusdam asperiores libero corrupti illum qui omnis', 'completed': False}, {'userId': 2, 'id': 40, 'title': 'totam atque quo nesciunt', 'completed': True}, {'userId': 3, 'id': 41, 'title': 'aliquid amet impedit consequatur aspernatur placeat eaque fugiat suscipit', 'completed': False}, {'userId': 3, 'id': 42, 'title': 'rerum perferendis error quia ut 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Esri (Second API Example)

BNIA uses ARCGIS/ ESRI to store its data for programmatic retrieval in a bunch of our applicatons.

For certain API services, tools can be provided to help you build and model your query.

Here is ESRIs

To read in the Geospatial information provided by Esri requires the use of a speical library

01Abell1.890312e+051796.137499POLYGON ((-76.61113 39.32345, -76.61167 39.323...
12Allendale1.052283e+064351.591130POLYGON ((-76.67263 39.29184, -76.67263 39.291...
23Arcadia5.854937e+053739.317928POLYGON ((-76.56853 39.33595, -76.56814 39.335...
34Arlington4.677565e+052973.669980POLYGON ((-76.68627 39.34791, -76.68646 39.348...
45Armistead Gardens1.224526e+065155.929124POLYGON ((-76.55880 39.30646, -76.55892 39.306...