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Hello! 👋

I am Carlos Karpati, 29 years old, resident of Bethesda, Maryland. I have an MS in Information Systems (IS) from UMBC (May 2020).

Learn more at https://charleskarpati.com


I took my first programming class at the age of 14. After recieving my BS in IS at UMBC I went straight for my MS in IS at UMBC while working full-time at the University of Baltimore (UB)'s BNIA-JFI. Later, I started working for Voxels.com - an Ethereum based virtual world (3D) where users create their own assets and own their own property. Now, I am the cofounder of Addy-AI; an AI that can draft-emails.

Should you have any questions or concerns, I am only a text away: 301-300-4728 (or through charles.karpati@gmail.com).

Thanks for reading!


Past Works:

@ Addy AI
Addy-AI and Venture Bridge Logo
Proudly Backed by the Swartz Center for Entrepreneurship

Promotional image for Addy-AI's LangDrive feature.
Another promotional image for Addy-AI's LangDrive.
Langdrive: Built for Developers.
One more promotional image for Addy-AI's LangDrive.
@ Voxels
Voxels.com Logo.
Logo of CV Minigames, a contributor-made fanpage
Image from Voxels.com showcasing a virtual village.
BNIA-JFI's Logo.
BNIA-JFI's Homepage.
Mapping water usage in the city.
Baltimore Open Land Data: A legal tool to study vacancies and foreclosures.
Business Integration Partnership: Minority business search portal.
Longitudinal Neighborhood Data.
Comparison of Neighborhood Data.
Animated GIF of a lighting effect in a web-based mesh.
A 3D printed map of Baltimore. Dynamically generated using census data. Heights represent the percent of households with no internet. Code on ObservableHQ
A VRM I made of myself.