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Selenium vs Puppetteer vs jsdom vs casper.ipynb

casper is missing. Very easy to use.


const jsdom = require("jsdom"); const { JSDOM } = jsdom; JSDOM.fromURL('https://bniajfi.org', {resources: "usable"}).then(dom => { txt = dom.serialize() txt=txt.split('document.getElementById("container")')[1] console.log( txt ) });


Headless Recorder Extension

Now lets write the js script and stuff it into an index.js file

! npm i -s csv-parser


!wget https://chromedriver.storage.googleapis.com/2.37/chromedriver_linux64.zip #!unzip chromedriver_linux64.zip -d /usr/bin/ !pip install selenium !pip install openpyxl !apt-get update !apt-get install -y unzip xvfb libxi6 libgconf-2-4 !apt-get install default-jdk